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Tim Hortons

Over the years, Tim Hortons has captured the hearts and taste buds of not only Canadians, but people all over the world, with classics like our Original Blend coffee and the signature Iced Capp®, along with a variety of inspired donuts including our ever popular Timbits®. In 2011 the iconic Canadian Tim Hortons brand made its way to the Middle East, opening the first location in Dubai. Guests can now enjoy our premium coffees, delicious baked goods, made to order sandwiches and wraps, and many other beverages and food products at locations throughout the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain and Kuwait. We can’t wait to meet you!

Location Mall Contact
DUBAI, UAENumber One Tower Suites+971552136834
DUBAI, UAEDeira City Centre+971552136879
DUBAI, UAEDubai Outlet Mall+971552136880
DUBAI, UAEThe Walk, Jumeirah Beach Residence+971552136881
DUBAI, UAEJumeirah Centre+971552136591
DUBAI, UAEThe Dubai Mall+971552136678
DUBAI, UAEMeadows Town Centre+971552136424
DUBAI, UAEJ3 Mall+971552136151
DUBAI, UAELatifa Towers+971528998204
DUBAI, UAEIBN Batuta Mall+971552136322
DUBAI, UAEDubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry+971526470860
DUBAI, UAEJumeirah Park Pavillion+971526078574
DUBAI, UAEDafza - Airport Freezone+971564041803
DUBAI, UAEChoitrams Marina+971564041800
DUBAI, UAEDragon Mart 2+971564042064
DUBAI, UAEEtisalat Deira+971552136903
DUBAI, UAECity Centre Meaisem+971564041983
DUBAI, UAEMadina Mall+971526470889
DUBAI, UAEBurjuman Centre+971565090273
DUBAI, UAEMy City Centre Al Barsha+971565090428
DUBAI, UAEAmity University +971565090426
DUBAI, UAEJLT Drive Thru+971565090431
DUBAI, UAEIbn Batuta Mall 2 - Tunisia Court+971565268738
DUBAI, UAEMall of the Emirates+971565268739
DUBAI, UAEEmirates NBD+971565268735
DUBAI, UAEAl Ghurair Centre+971547932030
DUBAI, UAEDubai Festival Plaza +971547932356
DUBAI, UAEDiscovery Garden Drive Thru +971547932354
DUBAI, UAEEmarat Petroleum Station DT+971552136885
DUBAI, UAECircle Mall+971565090260
DUBAI, UAEDubai Hills Mall GF 083+971547932210
DUBAI, UAEDubai Hills Mall GF 031+971565090541
DUBAI, UAEDubai Hills Mall GF 368+971547932148
DUBAI, UAEFirst Avenue Mall+971526078586
DUBAI, UAEOasis Tower+971565268517
DUBAI, UAEExpo Village Food Truck+971565090468
ABU DHABI, UAEMushrif Mall+971552136845
ABU DHABI, UAEAbu Dhabi Mall+971529958728
ABU DHABI, UAEDalma Mall+971529958727
ABU DHABI, UAEAl Yasat Tower+971529958729
ABU DHABI, UAEEtisalat 1+971502323263
ABU DHABI, UAEADNOC Exit 381+971529093281
ABU DHABI, UAEAl Wahda Mall+971552136719
ABU DHABI, UAEADNOC Yas Island 1 - Drive Thru +971528998230
ABU DHABI, UAEADNOC Yas Island 2 - Drive Thru +971528998248
ABU DHABI, UAEDeerfields Mall+971528998247
ABU DHABI, UAEEtisalat 2+971503841856
ABU DHABI, UAEMarina Mall+971526470857
ABU DHABI, UAEADCP Building - Muroor Road+971565090369
ABU DHABI, UAEAl Minhali Tower - Muroor Road 2+971552136830
ABU DHABI, UAEAbu Dhabi University+971547932024
ABU DHABI, UAEBurjeel Hospital+971565268868
ABU DHABI, UAEEmirates Aluminum+971564041866
ABU DHABI, UAESouq Al Jami +971547932355
ABU DHABI, UAECI Tower +971564041769
ABU DHABI, UAEAbu Dhabi Corniche+971565268783
SHARJAH, UAEAl Majaz Waterfront+971552136309
SHARJAH, UAEMatajer Al Juraina+971529958681
SHARJAH, UAESahara Centre+971555974834
SHARJAH, UAESHARJAH COOPERATIVE SOCIETY,Sharjah University (Women)+971552136902
SHARJAH, UAEEtisalat Sharjah+971528998294
SHARJAH, UAECopthorne Hotel+971565090424
SHARJAH, UAESharjah City Center+971547932026
SHARJAH, UAEAl Zawaya +971526078698
SHARJAH, UAEAl Zahia City Center +971565090477
SHARJAH, UAECity Gate+971547932025
AJMAN, UAEGrand Centrale Ajman - Drive Thru+971564041780
AJMAN, UAEEtisalat Ajman+971552136904
AJMAN, UAEAjman City Centre+971552136150
AJMAN, UAEAjman Avenue - Drive Thru +971547932028
AJMAN, UAEAjman University +971547932027
AL AIN, UAEAl Jimi Mall+971552136212
AL AIN, UAEBarari Outlet Mall+971564041901
AL AIN, UAESouk Extra Al-Ain+971552136832
AL AIN, UAEUAE University - Al Ain(Women)+971565090434
AL AIN, UAEUAE University - Al Ain(Men)+971565090435
FUJAIRAH, UAECity Centre Fujairah+971552136619
FUJAIRAH, UAECentury Mall+971529093275
FUJAIRAH, UAEAdnoc Fujairah Drive Thru+971547932353
RAK, UAEAl Naeem Mall+971564041703
RAK, UAERAK Corniche, The Square Drive Thru+971564041802
RAK, UAEADNOC Al Qarrem Drive Thru +971564041954
RAK, UAEManar Mall+971547932238
Abu Dhabi, UAEReem Mall+971565090231
SHARJAH, UAESharjah Airport+971526078509
BAHRAIN Galleria Mall+97317224089
BAHRAIN Al Riffa Drive Thru +97334066002
MANAMA, BAHRAINAmerican Alley+97333532289
JEDDAH, KSAMall of Arabia+96612605049
RIYADH, KSATahlia Street+9662170025
JEDDAH, KSARed Sea Mall+966566912139
RIYADH, KSAHayat Mall+966558304875
RIYADH, KSAAlia Plaza+996566935245
JEDDAH, KSAJamia Mall+966566973474
RIYADH, KSAU Plaza+965566892994
RIYADH, KSAAl Orouba Street, Al Olaya+966112371512
RIYADH, KSAAL Hamra Plaza+966583866561
RIYADH, KSAAl Wadi Plaza+966537754711
KHOBAR, KSAAl Rashid Mall KIOSK+9665504537278
MADINA, KSAMosadia Plaza+966566952767
DAMMAM, KSALulu Hypermarket+966566938413
KHOBAR, KSAAl Rashid Mall+9665504537278
RIYADH, KSARiyadh Military Hospital+966593198084
RIYADH, KSAMursalat Plaza+966566929890
RIYADH, KSAMUDON+966593808666
DAMMAM, KSASulaimania Plaza 1+966599790383
DAMMAM, KSAKFIA International Airport+966590922244
DAMMAM, KSALulu Hypermarket+966591291300
JEDDAH, KSAEvent Mall +966594788855
DAMMAM, KSAKFIA Domestic Airport+966541932033
DAMMAM, KSAAl Safa+966590922244
DAMMAM, KSABuharia Plaza+966507249472
DAMMAM, KSAPetromin Exit 8 Drive Thru +966593808666
RIYADH, KSARabwa+966599563599
RIYADH, KSAOthaim Mall Rabwa+966593808666
JEDDAH, KSAPetromin Quma Drive Thru +966545440963
JEDDAH, KSAPetromin Masif Drive Thru +966545440963
DAMMAM, KSAOthaim Mall +966593808666
Al Kharj, KSAWarood Plaza Drive Thru +966593808666
Dharan, KSAMall of Dharan+966542614095
Dharan, KSADoha Centre +966561743072
DAMMAM, KSAPetromin, Al Rayyan Drive Thru +966542614095
KHOBAR, KSAPetromin -Al Rashid Drive Thru +966590310646
RIYADH, KSAPetromin Exit 13 Drive Thru +966542614095
DAMMAM, KSAPetromin Jalawiya Drive Thru +9665597308752
JEDDAH, KSAAl Saria Square+96651743072
JEDDAH, KSABurj Salama +966594788855
JEDDAH, KSABurj Edsas+966594788855
DAMMAM, KSAMazaya Drive Thru +966561743072
RIYADH , KSAPrince Turki Street+96656143582
RIYADH, KSAGranada Mall +96612791816
RIYADH, KSAPetromin Thumama Drive Thru +966561435951
JEDDAH, KSANujood Center +96656905859
DAMMAM, KSAJohns Hopkins Aramco Hospital+966540657377
DAMMAM, KSAMazaya Al Dabab+96661743072
RIYADH, KSAKing Fahad, The Corner +966572944931
RIYADH, KSADeem Plaza +966544102786
RIYADH, KSAMakkan Mall+966500018479
JEDDAH, KSAEMAAR Square+966566899516
RIYADH, KSARiyadh Gallery +966543975083
JEDDAH, KSAMarina Beach+966564645327
JEDDAH, KSABox Park +966561460474
JEDDAH, KSAAl Yamamah Street +966561460305
JEDDAH, KSABabylon Commercial Centre+966561460435
JEDDAH, KSAAl Saleem Plaza +966566961073
JEDDAH, KSAMarina Avenue+966566931361
RIYADH, KSARing Road DT+966561459204
JEDDAH, KSAAziz Mall +966561458310
DAMMAM, KSAGama Hospital +966561460236
MAKKAH, KSAMakkah Gas Station DT+966566898361
DAMMAM, KSANakheel Mall +966561458628
KHOBAR, KSASulaiman Al Habib Hospital+966561458351
DAMMAM, KSASaudi German Hospital - Dammam+966561458167
JEDDAH, KSAQ Park (Flagship Store)+966561459636
JEDDAH, KSAAl Khalidiya +966561457875
KHOBAR, KSAAziziyah Drive Thru +966561457465
RIYADH, KSAThe Roof +966535055009
MAKKAH, KSAAl Awli Kinnah+966509505507
RIYADH, KSASaudi German Hospital - Riyadh +966505507430
KHAMIS MUSHAIT, KSAKhamis Avenue Mall+966505508327
KHAMIS MUSHAIT, KSASaudi German Hospital - Abha+966505506711
JEDDAH, KSAPetromin Daham Drive Thru +966544102786
KHAMIS MUSHAIT, KSAAl Ghonem +966566899516
RIYADH, KSAPetromin Exit 14+966535295055
RIYADH, KSARiyadh Season Boulevard+966552450552
JEDDAH, KSAJeddah Park+966580721781
RIYADH, KSAPark Avenue Mall+966538075055
KHAMIS MUSHAIT, KSAMujan Park+966537842231
JEDDAH, KSAHera Street DT+966535055647
JEDDAH, KSAPrince Sultan Street - Al Naeem+9665535055069
RIYADH, KSANakheel Mall -Ext+9665530785055
JEDDAH, KSASasco Gas Station+9665535055292
RIYADH, KSAImam Saud Road+9665533050554
KHAMIS MUSHAIT, KSAPetromin Aboor+9665556850559
KHAMIS MUSHAIT, KSABox Shop+9665536505570
JEDDAH, KSASalmaniyah Gas Station+966535055246
JEDDAH, KSAYasmeen Mall+966531450556
JEDDAH, KSAHaifa Mall+9665325075698
RIYADH, KSAKhaleej Mall+9660505501460
RIYADH, KSASuwaidi District+9660535055408
RIYADH, KSASahara Mall+9660539350558
MADINAH, KSARashid Mall+966535055181
RIYADH, KSAYasmin Square +966557250556
RIYADH, KSATakahasussi DT+966556066234
JEDDAH, KSAHamadaniyah DT+966556066547
Hassa, KSAOthaim Mall+966556066124
Dammam, KSAMazaya Noor+966556066221
Abha, KSAKing Fahad DT+966556066125
RIYADH, KSATawaniyah Tower+966556271124
RIYADH, KSAJanadriya DT+966556066285
RIYADH, KSAThe Cube DT+966557965003
Dammam, KSAThe Complex DT+966559739603
MAKKAH, KSARing Road DT+966556066516
Dammam, KSAKing Saud Noor DT+966593835022
JEDDAH, KSASalam Mall +966112170026
KHOBAR, KSASomerset+966509006745
Rabigh, KSADrees Rabigh DT+966509003606
Abha, KSARashid Mall+9660509002416
DAMMAM, KSAKing Fahad Military Hospital+966509002492
MAKKAH, KSAPetromin Umra Land+966509007239
MAKKAH, KSADarb AlmatrafiN/A
KUWAITThe Dininng DT+96597514785
KUWAITArgan Bidaa+96597740892
KUWAITAwatd Tower+96597561584
KUWAITBlajat Street+96597640868
KUWAITArgan AUK+96597915923
MUSCAT, OmanMuscat Grand Mall+96893991057
MUSCAT, OmanMuscat City Centre+96893991021
MUSCAT, OmanTaimoor Mall+96893991319
MUSCAT, OmanAl Maha Drive Thru +96893991319
MUSCAT, OmanMuscat International Airport+96893991301
MUSCAT, OmanMall of Oman+96872442520
DOHA, QatarEzdan Mall+97474785206
DOHA, QatarHyatt Plaza+97444786087
DOHA, QatarDoha City Center+97444822762
DOHA, QatarLagoona Mall+97474785133
DOHA, QatarMall of Qatar+97455477998
DOHA, QatarCNAQ- College of the North Atlantic-Qatar+97474785159
DOHA, QatarGround floor Area, Ezdan Mall, AL Wakra+97455477998
DOHA, QatarDoha Festival City+97474785159
DOHA, QatarLandmark Mall +9744785193
DOHA , Qatar Woqod - Al Dafna +97450185818
DOHA, QatarWoqod - Al Khaled +97466247871
DOHA, QatarWaqood Azaziyah+97433105749
DOHA, QatarGulf Mall+97466002404
LUSAIL, QatarVendome Mall+97450440269
DOHA, QatarGeorge Town University+97466910705
DOHA, QatarDoha Metro - Bin Mahmoud+97450282107
DOHA, QatarDoha Metro - Mansoura+97450248215
LUSAIL, QatarCCQ - Female+97450255964
LUSAIL, QatarCCQ - Male+97450251045
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